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Fresh Mint Tea

We recently completed a trip to The Netherlands and Germany, and found, to our delight, that many caf├ęs offered fresh mint tea on their menus. We became fans of mint tea in Morocco last year, but Moroccan tea, made with dried mint leaves does not compare to the fresh flavor and color of tea made with fresh mint leaves.

After we got back home from our trip we attempted to make Fresh Mint Tea ourselves, and it was incredibly easy. Basically, you get a large sprig of fresh mint, put it in a large mug, add boiling water, and wait for it to steep. We find that muddling the leaves in the hot water helps add more mint flavor to the tea. We also like our mint tea sweetened, and use one or two packets of Splenda for that purpose instead of sugar (in order to avoid unnecessary carbs).

Fresh Mint Tea in The Netherlands
Fresh Mint Tea in The Netherlands

A small footnote about terminology: Technically, a “tea” is only a “tea” when it includes leaves from a tea plant or bush. Fresh mint tea is actually a “tisane“, a term used to describe hot drinks made from herbs and other non-tea plant leaves and ingredients.