A Foodie Moment celebrates the passion and joy of food – its preparation, preparation, texture, and most importantly, flavor, as seen through the eyes of The Traveling Richters, a family of foodies young and old.

The Traveling Richters, as the name implies, travel the world in search of knowledge and food. Their trips have taken them from a BBQ exploration of middle America and the exotic spices and tagine cooking of Morocco to sampling guinea pig in Ecuador, learning about cooking with liquid nitrogen and molecular gastronomy, and experiencing dining at holes-in-the-wall and Michelin-rated restaurants alike.

It’s important to note that some folks out there have given a bad name to “foodies” by being elitist or food snobs but still putting themselves forth as “foodies”. We thing foodie-ism is all inclusive and not exclusive. It is not our intent to perpetuate these negative, arrogant attitudes, but instead make food interesting and exciting to anyone curious about what’s on their plate (or what could be there with a little extra effort). And perhaps we can even help people look at certain common foods in an entirely new way.

In any event, our writings here combine recipes and cooking techniques along with personal observations and experience to produce something that will allow you to hopefully enjoy and share our passion for food.