Low-Carb Simple Pleasures

Making Pasta Less Unhealthy

As some of you know, I am presently in Boston getting treated for Stage IIIC melanoma cancer, and one of the things I am trying to understand is what the impact of a low-carb, high protein and fat diet is on the side effects of my immunotherapy treatment with Sylatron. Based on what I’ve been going through, and seeing the side effects others who eat a carb-rich diet are having, I find myself thinking that my dietary approach (which I have pursued for years prior to my recent cancer diagnosis) is the right one.

I do know from the way my body reacts to the consumption of wheat and sugars that physically I am a lot happier if I can minimize the intake of foods with a high glycemic index (meaning foods which spike my blood sugar and insulin levels).

Also, my readings suggest to me that the western diseases that have permeated our society, resulting in obesity, diabetes, and coronary/heart disease, are caused in great part by the excess (and it doesn’t take a lot) consumption of high glycemic foods, such as those with processed grains and sugars.

So it was a pleasant surprise this morning to come across an article about Kraft having come out with a Mac & Cheese where the macaroni uses freeze dried cauliflower powder to replace some of the unhealthy wheat flour in the pasta.

Kraft Veggie Mac and Cheese
Kraft Veggie Mac and Cheese

While the commentary I’ve seen so far about this new Kraft product seems to take issue with the fact that this is a sneaky and improper way to get kids to eat more vegetables, the analyses seem to completely ignore the health benefit of reducing process wheat intake for kids, especially as Mac & Cheese is something that many kids consume by the bucketload (I know my kids did, as did I when I was a starving college student).

So kudos to Kraft, and I hope we will see grains and carbs slowly disappear from Mac & Cheese and other processed food products in the coming years.