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I Am Not Alone Regarding Fried Chicken Skin

I happened to stumble across a recent article from Food & Wine this morning about crispy fried chicken skin. Looks like I’m not a lone voice in the woods about this delectable treat, which I wrote about exactly one month before the aforementioned article from Food & Wine.

Food & Wine suggests that chicken skin may be the next bacon. And another article in Toronto Life mentions that David Chang of Momofuku Ko (a restaurant that’s on my dining bucket list) uses crispy chicken skin as a garnish with pasta. Wise chef!

I believe self congratulation is in order for my being, unwittingly, a trend setter.

3 replies on “I Am Not Alone Regarding Fried Chicken Skin”

Just read an article (actually, it was depicted as a few pages of a comic book) on David Chang in Bon Appetit magazine. He perfected making a soft boiled egg with caviar running out of it…even drawn it looked yummy! Chicken skin….mmmm…crispy and tasty. I’m just digging on bacon dipped in chocolate, how about chicken skin in chocolate?? Hey, people thought chocolate and bacon sounded gross and now they actually make chocolate bars with bacon in it!

We love the Vosges bacon chocolate bars. First discovered them on a chocolate tour of New York City in August of 2008. Most recently we were served paper thin bacon melted into chocolate at Minibar in Washington DC in November of last year. Both are soooo good.

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