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Godiva Discontinues Sugar Free Chocolate

As we have been researching nutrition and dietary practices and the impact thereof on human health, including the connection between diabetes and heart disease and high carbohydrate diets (a.k.a. the “Western diet” most folks in the western world eat, including bread, pasta, sugared drinks, etc.), we have found that our desire for chocolate has not abated.

Our solution has been to try to find the best sugar free chocolates we can, and our search led us to Godiva, an internationally known chocolatier chain. For years we have greatly enjoyed their sugar free chocolate bars, which we found to be comparable, if not better, than their sugared kin.

Godiva Sugar Free Chocolate Bars
Godiva Sugar Free Chocolate Bars

However, after trying to look up a link for Godiva’s excellent sugar free dark chocolate for the chocolate peanut butter pie recipe I posted last night, I came up empty. This morning I contacted Godiva’s on-line help service. Here’s the transcript:

Please wait while we find an agent to assist you…
You have been connected to Ed .
Ed : Hello Jake. How may I assist you today?
Jake: Hi Ed. It appears that it is no longer possible to order Sugar Free chocolates from the Godiva web site. Is that a permanent change?
Ed : correct
Jake: Has Godiva discontinued all of its Sugar Free Chocolates? That would be tragic. They were the best ones out there.
Ed : sorry, but they have
Jake: How sad. Thanks.
Ed : Thank you. Have a nice day.
Ed : and Holidays!
Ed : bye

And that’s all she wrote.

Godiva Sugar Free Chocolate, rest in peace. And now we have to try to buy all we can before the stores sell out. Sigh.

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Every time I eat sugar free candy, I get the runs. I think it’s the manitol? I wonder if that is in all sugar free candy. Was it in the Godiva chocolates?

Malitol can cause gastric issues if consumed in enough quantity, as can Sorbitol (used in hard candies and sugar-free jelly beans). That’s the reason to do sugar-free candies and chocolates in moderation. I will say I was able to eat a whole bar of Godiva sugar-free chocolates without ill effect, but give me more than two sugar-free gummy bears and watch out!

Too bad they did this. Guess it’s time to go back to the other sugar free chocolates… bleh!

Yeah. We ended up finding a supplier that still had cases of the Godiva Sugar Free Dark Chocolate in stock and bought several (but with an outrageous shipping fee). But after those are gone…

I just went to a Godiva store in Las Vegas and they told me that the sugar free chocolates HAVE NOT been discontinued and are coming back. For what it’s worth…this is July 2010.

We just confirmed this at a Godiva store in Boston. Looks like they have already brought back the sugar free bars. The sugar free boxed collection is gone, but they are coming out with something new, according to the regional manager we spoke to there.

I too have been searching for the Sugar Free chocolates. I went into a Godiva yesterday and they mentioned that the bars would be in stock this Tuesday. At least in their store..I’m assuming sometime during this week for most? I am hoping this is so.

This saddens me because I must admit as diabetic I sometimes feel like a second class citizen. I was excited to see Godiva started carrying sugar free bars, to bad not truffles. but I am very disappointed to see they have been discontinued.

My hustand is a diabetic and loves the sugar free dark chocolate bars. They were sold separately at Lord and Taylor. Do they still sell them, or any other place?

Godiva stores still sell the sugar-free chocolate bars. they brought them back after customer complaints about the discontinuation.

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